Čisté nebe (Clear Skies) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation established in 2010 in Ostrava. Our work focuses on the problem of air pollution in the Moravskoslezský region, Czech Republic. The issue of air pollution is significant not only on a regional level, but also on a European level, with Ostrava having one of the highest concentrations of PM10 and benzo(a)pyrene in Europe.
Our organisation started as a citizen-led, grassroots organisation and over a few years became an important voice and partner in dealing with the air pollution problem.
Our mission is to enforce the right of citizens of Moravskoslezský region to breathe clean air.
Our vision is to be a unifying and activating platform of all involved parties (be they citizens, institutions or companies) in search of their shared presence with the aim of improving the quality of life.

Clear Skies’ work consists of the following activities:

  • Watchdog activities - controlling the activities of municipal, regional and state institutions.
    Example: In 2011 we started a discussion with the Minister of environment about the strategic document called Action plan. Some of our comments and remarks were implemented in the revised version of this document and we´ve started to be taken as a relevant voice in the air pollution debate.
  • Informational/educational activities - informing citizens about the levels of air pollution.
    Example: In 2011 we launched a smart phone application called SmogAlarm, which is providing up-to date data about air pollution levels in a given location. This application (available for Android and iPhone) is for free and since its launch has been downloaded more than 30 thousand times. 
  • Engaging public - engaging citizens of the Moravskoslezský region into solving the air pollution problem.
    Example: Together with a group of 10 university students from the Moravskoslezský region we introduced in winter 2012/2013 a giant bubble of clean air called OxyBox. The public could visited this space (with air filters providing clean air) and experience what it would be like to breathe clean air in the future.
    Example: In 2013 we launched a smart phone and web application called Clear chimney. It is a map of chimney in Moravian-Silesia Region, which produce dirty smoke.

    Example: Every year in May we celebrate The Clean Air Day (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).

In our work we co-operate with other ecological organisations from the Moravskoslezský region and the whole Czech Republic, respectively. We are members of the Green Circle, Czech association of environmental NGOs, and we adhere to the joint Code of Ethics of the environmental organisations. In terms of fundraising we have our own rules for accepting financial donations (e.g. not accepting finances from big polluters), summarised in Ethical Codex, available on our website.


Čisté nebe o.p.s.
Obránců míru 237/35, 703 00 Ostrava - Vítkovice
710 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic

Director: Pavlína Černá

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